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       Celebration of Life...
Third ceremony was held in Chattanooga TN (April 2008) in memory of loved ones around the world. Their precious memories are blessed gifts to be shared. 

The fourth celebration of life will be held in 2010, the date and time will be posted as soon as definte plans are determined.


The Celebration of Life website and memorial ceremony were created after my only children, Michele Wade and J.J. Wade, died in 2004...four months apart. Their websites....


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          Healing,  Encouraging,  And  Remembering  Together  


Surviving  Our  Unimaginable  Losses


List for April 2008 Celebration of Life
           (will be combined with 2005 & 2006 lists)
If you want to include a loved one (that is not on either list) contact me by email ( ) or post a message here on the website (with your return email address) and I will get in touch with you

Amelia Williams
Ben "Doodle Bug" Wade, Jr.
Betty Lou Whitehead
Clyde Williams
Hunter Kirkland
Jennifer Metcalf
JoAnne Gardner
Margaret Williams
Otis "Odie" Thomas Deziel, Jr.
Shirley Wynn
Zola Brink


2006 Celebration of Life
(combined with 2005 list)

Second annual ceremony was held December 31, 2006 in Franklin VA.

Allison Beth Murphy
Andrew "Little" Aguilar
Bertha H. Johnson
Betty Carnes
Blake Lindsey
Brandi Nicole Ward
Braydon Allen Fredrick
Bryan Kiser
Carl Flanery
Cary John Walker
Chandler Michael Bailey-Schleier
Chase Rumachik
Cody Joe Wade
Danielle Marie Plourde
Darien Wilson 
Donna Lynn Wade
Elliot Joseph Matos, Jr. 
Elmer Robinson
Emilio Garcia (unborn son of Emily)
Emily Jeanette Garcia
Gregory V. Watts
Heidi Allyn Reed
Helen Cannon Newsome
Hunter Baker
Jacob Tyler Hutcheson
Jason Daniel Cirafisi
Jason Lancing Kelley
Jean Sturgis
Jennifer Carol Lee
Jerry "Grant" Lewis
Jesse Alan Lockamy
Jesse Gochez
Jessica LeAnn Williams
Jim Keaton
Joshua Raymond Walker
Kelly Louise Larivee
Kevin Wayne Bledsoe
Kristin J. Gillis
Larry "Bubba" Benis
Lisa Mewbourne
Lucas Ray Fredrick
Luke Patterson
Matthew "Muscles" Aguilar
Michael Caudill
Michael R. Lutek, Jr.
Michelle Marie Greever
Michelle Stanton Turner
Mickey Lane Pitts, Jr.
Nathan Manz
Nia Kai'Rae Thompson
Paul Schumacher
Phillip Finney
Ray Fitzer
Rhonda Rae Gibbens
Ryan Matthew Gibbens
Sandi Cobb
Shane Andrew Reardon
Sharlene Marie Orrvick
Shawn Michael Walker
Shelia Faye Wade
Tracey Sloane Sheridan
Travis Scott Axley
Zachary Garrett Wright


Healing moment-by-moment when we
Encourage another grieving person
As our loved ones are on our minds
Remembering their precious memories
Together while sharing our tears

Surviving the death of our children
Our loved ones have gone too soon
Unimaginable pain and heartache of
Losses so dear to our heart and soul

Copyright ©2006 Diane Craddock 

Written especially for 2006 Celebration of Life


        "Live to Remember and Remember to Live"


Faith, Family, and Friends
Dedicated to beloved angels around the world

Always remember to extend a caring hand
To the grieving loved ones around our land
Take time to cry, laugh, or reminisce with them
And realize they will forever need a true friend

Angels' time on earth, whether short or long
Yesterday's treasured memories to us belong
After they have gone to their heavenly homes
Our hearts beat as one, until our time comes

God will continuously provide for you
Spiritual, physical, and emotional too
Strength from faith, family, and friends
Provides peace and comfort until the end

The wonderful gifts the good Lord gives
Sharing the lives our beloved angels lived
Counting our precious blessings is easy to do
When prayers to God, end with "Thank You"

Copyright ©2005 Diane Craddock

Angels Arms poem presented at First Annual Celebration of Life


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Family Tree
Grieving Parents   / Diane, Mom Of Angels JJ And Michele Wade
Every parent and child are unique, which makes each and every loss unique, so one individual can't tell another how to handle their own grieving process. Sharing our different ways of working through our personal grief, I pray each parent will be abl...  Continue >>
in loving memory of Laurie, my beautiful daughter in heaven   / Shirley Baer (none)
Wishing you a peaceful holiday season. Luv Laurie and her mommy
<img src=>
lovingly  / Sharon Quick (SIP)
Diane Just to let you know that I visited your loving web site.May your Angel's give you a very special ((hug)).sharon  Angel Scotty's mom
thinking about you   / Shirley Baer (none)
You and your angels are in my thoughts and prayers during this holiday season.
Wishing you the best   / Henry
I found your webpage and Iam sorry for your loss.  We lost our daughter 2 years ago and the pain today is almost as fresh as 2 years ago . I wish you all the best during this holiday season and strenght in the coming weeks
Sending you a hug  / Jane Throckmorton     Read >>
Remembering & Missing with You  / Diane Feeney (friend from Groww )    Read >> / Linda(HUNTER MOM FOREVER) KIRKLAND (FRIEND FROM GROWW )    Read >> / Linda Kirkland (FRIEND)    Read >>
Washington DC trip 2008  / Diane Craddock, Mom Of Angels JJ &. Michele     Read >>
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Special Memories
2005 Celebration of Life Angel List  

The first annual ceremony was held December 31, 2005 in Franklin VA. Sharing the memories of precious loved ones (child, parent, spouse, sibling, or friend)  around the world.... providing an opportunity to share some of their treasured memories from places as far away as England, Sweden, and Australia.

Adam Craig Hill
Aislinn Celeste McComsey
Allan Tomlin
Amanda Ruth Greene
Amy Lynn Hodges
Amy Phelps
Andrya Lianne Hobbs
Anita Adams Craddock
Angel Boy Rowe
Angie Ann Duhon
Anne Rountree
Anthony Rowe
April McCabe (Worth)
Asher Alexandria Huminsky
Ashlynn Nicole Swanner
Baby Girl Beale
Becky Lynn Fitzer-Groves
Benjamin Sandberg
Beth Nelson
Blake Raymond Divido
Bo Briscoe
Bobbo Flynn
Brandon Mobley
Brandon Sharpe
Breana Matthews
Brenda Huisenga
Brian Keith Trammell
Brittanie Ann Cole
Brittany Johnson
Brittany Nolz
Buxton Wade, Sr.
C. H. Ward, Jr.
Cal Bennett
Cassandra Silva
Chad Everett Behr
Charity Nichole Williams
Charlene Ross
Christian "Chrissie" Victoria Carrigan
Christopher Ronald Faller
Christopher E. Scott
Clyde W. Bolen
Colin Daniel Johnston
Cornelia Pitts
Craig Kelly
Cynthia Felton
Danielle Beving
Danny Biernasz
David Beaulieu
David Shaffer
Deanne Schauer Lawrence
Debbie Pelfrey
Devon Schultz
Diana Lacey
Donna O'Clair
Douglas Warren Maris
Dustin Fitzer
Earnest Porter Harrell, Sr.
Edward St. John
Emily Connelly
Eric Allen Michael Burgess
Eric Warren Hudson
Ernestine Bowden
Evan Throckmorton
Eve Lyn Smith Wiedmer
Geneva Elliot
Geoffrey P. Edwards
Gregory Dorsett
Gregory Wade Murray
Ira Moore
JD Gortmaker
J. J.  Wade
Jacquelin "Jackie" Bailey
Jacob Ryan Castro
Jake Travis Wills
James D. Ludwig
James H. Taylor, II
James Richard Clark, Jr.
Jamie Alexandra Grimsley
Jamie Wade Amerson
Janet Marie Hardy
Jason Daniel Brink
Jason Blantz
Jason McDonald
Jason Miller
Jeff Britt
Jeff Kelly
Jeffrey Allen Berkheiser
Jeremy Sullivan
Jesse Alan Canniff
Jessie Anne Amerson
Jessie Robert Ellis IV
Jim St. John
Joe Cunningham
Joey Scarpa
John Joseph Mullins
John S. Robertson, Jr.
Johnnie A. Moore, Jr.
Jonathan Adlington
Joseph Angelo Schiavone
Josh Coleman
Joshua Allen Hurt
Joshua Lynn Wade
Judy St. John
Justin Harres
Justin Luke Scancarello
Kaedin Wayne Newberry
Karl Bjorklund
Kathleen Mary McQuarrie
Kathren "Kattie" Loren O'Connell
Katrina "Noel" Burford
Kattie Parker
Kent Alan Lilly
Kristen Michelle Frank
Kristopher Kevin Doebbler
Kyle Gerald Smith
Lamar Blantz
Laura Ann Kimble
Laurie Michelle Baer
Lillian Octavia Garris
Lucas Geoffrey Parker
Marjorie Mae Bowen
Mary Wade Clements
Martin E. Greene
Matthew David Chaput
Melissa Noelle Hanson
Meshael Richardson
Michael Griffith, Jr.
Michael Walker
Michele Shaffer
Michele Wade
Michelle Delre-Webster
Mildred G. Etters
Mike Wilkerson
Mike Zollinger

Minnie "Darlene" Harold York
Myrtle B. Rogers
Nicholas D. Floriana
Nicole Spencer
Ola Marie Craddock
Otis Thomas Deziel, Sr.
Patrick McTague
Patti Lakernick
Randy Reed Hecox
Ray Craddock
Renee Bennett
Rob L. Northrop, Jr.
Robert Andrew Brannan
Robert F. Etters
Ronald R. Brush, Jr.
Roy E. Bickel, Jr.
Sean Joseph Lockhart
Seth Montgomery
Shaun D. S. Chapman
Shawn Richardson
Shelly Elise Martin
Sherman Bradley
Stanley Johnson
Stephanie Alexandra Smith
Steven Biernasz
Sylvia Marie Nunez Cassidy
Taylor Heintzelman
Terry M. Craddock, Jr.
Terry M. Craddock, Sr.
Tiffany Amber Wilson
Tim M. Jackes
Tyler Dickerson
Victor Fullmer
Wallace Greene
Wayne Smith
William Steele Bracey
Wixie B. Rogers

Celebration of Life Announcement  

Two Angels' Arms Scholarships were established at Paul D. Camp Community College, by Diane Craddock.  Tax-deductible donations to support these scholarships (in memory of my children, Michele Wade and J.J. Wade) can be made payable to Paul D. Camp Community College (or PDCCC) and mailed to Dr. Patsy Joyner, PDCCC, P.O. Box 737, Franklin, VA 23851.

Dr. Patsy R. Joyner, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Paul D. Camp Community College
100 North College Drive Franklin, VA 23851
757-569-6791 FAX: 757-569-6795 

First scholarships awarded in Fall 2006!!!! 

Elizabeth Ongor, Smithfield VA, won JJ's
Cindy Clements, Carrsville VA, won Michele's

Second scholarships awarded July 2007!!!!
Stephanie Gray, Boykins VA, won Michele's
Jamie Cotton, Franklin VA, won JJ's

Thank you for visiting and God bless you all !!!!

More Special Memories...
Diane's Photo Album
2006 Celebration of Life with collage of 2005 loved ones
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